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ENT-highlighted.jpgIn partnership with Avera Medical Group - A Department of Brookings Health System and Midwest Ear, Nose and Throat, Brookings Health System’s head, neck and throat surgeons can diagnose and treat patients with problems related to the head and neck.

A person’s ears, nose and throat works together as an intimate trio. A problem in one of these areas can take a toll on all of them. Painful or uncomfortable conditions of the ear, nose and throat can be corrected.

Surgical procedures that can be performed at Brookings Health System include:

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Dr. Jonathan Mellema explains the most common causes of tonsil issues in kids and how he treats these symptoms. Listen to Otolaryngologist Dr. Thomas Tamura of Midwest ENT discuss common pediatric procedures, adenoid removal and ear tube insertions. Dr. Tamura also explains how allergies affect sinuses and how sinus surgery can help people with chronic sinus infections.

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Thomas Tamura, M.D.

Thomas Tamura, M.D.

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