Economic Impact

In addition to providing health care close to home, Brookings Health System contributes to Brookings job opportunities and wealth creation.

According to study generated by the South Dakota Census Data Center which was updated in 2016, Brookings Health System generates $35 million annually to Brookings County’s local economy.* Primary and secondary economic impacts include:

  • 645 health care workers in Brookings County in 2013 were employed either directly by the health system or indirectly by other health related employers due the health system’s presence
  • 51% ($24.8 million) of health care and social assistance related payroll in Brookings County depended either directly or indirectly on Brookings Health System
  • 367 additional non-health care jobs exist in the local workforce due to business generated by the health system, resulting in $10.2 million annually in wages and salaries outside the health care industry

*Report based on data from 2010 census and 2013 labor data.

Click on the link below to download and read the full report on the study.