Morgann, Emergency Department Health Unit Coordinator (HUC)

Emergency department health unit coordinator, Morgann, works on the computer inside a patient room


Community & Public Health

Career Goal

I plan on getting a master’s degree in public health after I graduate from South Dakota State in May 2023. I want to be an epidemiologist. I love the science behind healthcare and the data and analysis. I love helping patients, too.

What does a HUC in the emergency department do?

We handle a lot of the components that hold the department together. It’s all of the little things you may not think of when you think of an emergency department. We register the patients on the computer, stock supplies, and clean the room. Little things needed for patient care. And I’ve heard great things from the nurses about how important we are for the whole department.

What do you enjoy most about working for Brookings Health?

I love that I’m making a difference for patients, especially in our position. We do a lot of rounding and a lot of things that patients may not consider substantial at the time. We do things to make them comfortable, like get them some water or a warm blanket.

I really try to connect with patients, even though it’s a short period of time they are there. I try to appropriately lighten the mood if I can. Being at the emergency department can be scary for anyone. I try to help them feel comfortable or make them laugh if I can. I feel that helps them out a lot.

What have you learned while working at Brookings Health?

I cannot even begin to describe everything. I have learned more than I ever could have thought. I’m exposed to everything that happens in the ER. The team is really great at incorporating the HUC, too. I get to watch everything. The doctors are super kind when it comes to any questions. They like to talk about the medicine side of things with the HUCs.

The coolest part has been tying what I have learned in class into the workday. If something was happening to a patient, I’d form an idea based on what I learned at class. I could get my “diagnosis” confirmed by the doctor.

Why should other students consider working at Brookings Health?

I think it’s really a great experience, especially for those who want to enter healthcare. It’s really the most hands-on you can be. My department is very nice about student work and is also very flexible about school. I’m allowed to do my homework during our downtime at work.

The job also helps me remember things from class. I am exposed to what I learn about in class at work and I remember it better. In college, it’s good to try to get as much exposure and experience as you can in your field. I think this job is probably one of the best jobs you can get for experience.