Brookings Health System Generates $27 Million Annually to Local Economy

  • March 04, 2014

Study Evaluates Primary and Secondary Impacts

Economic Impact Report
Economic Impact Report

A new study conducted by the South Dakota Census Data Center and commissioned by Brookings Health System shows Brookings Health System generates $27 million annually to Brookings County’s local economy in relation to wealth and job creation. The report is based on data from the 2010 census and labor data from 2011.

According to the report, 645 health care workers in Brookings County in 2011were employed either directly by Brookings Health System or indirectly by other health care related employers due to the health system’s presence. In addition, the study shows that 55% ($23.1 million) of health care and social assistance related payroll in Brookings County depended either directly or indirectly on Brookings Health System.

“The economic impact of Brookings Health System is not just the direct effect of employment and income it provides Brookings County,” the report states. “There is also a secondary impact. The secondary impact is the relationship Brookings Health System and its employees have with other businesses in the county.”

Due to this secondary business generated by the health system, an additional 118 non-health care jobs exist in the local workforce, resulting in $3.7 million annually in wages and salaries outside of the health care industry.

With both primary and secondary impacts combined together, the report totals Brookings Health System’s economic impact on Brookings County to $27 million per year.

“As Brookings Health System grows and adds services and employees, our annual economic impact will grow as well,” said CEO Jason Merkley. “As we look to the future, we hope not only to enhance our health service options, but also to increase both our primary and secondary impacts in regards to wealth and job creation for Brookings County.”

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About Brookings Health System

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