Brookings Health System Increases Sleep Lab Availability

  • November 15, 2011

Daytime Sleep Studies Available for Patients

Brookings Health System has increased capacity at the organization's Sleep Diagnostics Facility from three testing days per week to four testing days per week.

The increased capacity allows Brookings Health System to better accommodate patients' schedules, including the flexibility to conduct sleep studies during daytime hours for patients who normally sleep during the day.

One out of three people do not experience quality sleep. This can be a sign of an underlying sleep disorder, which a sleep study at Brookings Health System's Sleep Diagnostic Facility can help diagnose.

Symptoms of an underlying sleep disorder include:

  • Snoring
  • Sleepiness during waking hours
  • Being overweight
  • Morning headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Irritation, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty staying awake while driving, watching TV, reading a book or attending a meeting
  • Waking up choking for air or having a skipping or racing heart during the night

During a sleep study, Brookings Health System's trained experts monitor brain waves, breathing patterns, eye movement, blood oxygen levels, and other parameters needed to study sleep.

Brookings Health System's Sleep Diagnostics Facility is located in a home environment at Brookhaven Estates, 2400 Sunrise Ridge Circle. The home setting helps patients sleep as normally as possible in order to obtain accurate measurements.

To schedule a sleep study at Brookings Health System, visit with your physician regarding your symptoms and request a referral. To take a virtual tour of Brookings Health System's Sleep Diagnostics Facility, visit

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