New Parkinson’s Therapy Program Offered at Brookings Health System

  • October 10, 2013

Sellers and Hanson become Certified in Revolutionary Technique

Terri Sellers
Terri Sellers
Karla Hanson
Karla Hanson

Brookings Health System’s rehabilitative services department now offers LSVT BIG™ therapy, a revolutionary program that empowers people with Parkinson’s disease to move better.


Occupational Therapist Terri Sellers and Physical Therapist Karla Hanson have been certified to administer LSVT BIG therapy techniques. It is a research-based exercise approach in which therapists work with Parkinson’s patients in an intensive, whole body amplitude-based training.

“The emphasis is to have a Parkinson’s patient make bigger movements during his or her exercise routine and every day activities,” said Sellers. “While it may feel odd at first, the bigger movements teach the patient’s brain the amount of effort required to produce normal movements.”


Research has documented improved ratings on tests of motor functioning for Parkinson’s disease patients following treatment, including faster walking with bigger steps, improved balance and increased trunk rotation. These changes can help improve self-care abilities, such as dressing, showering and grooming as well as improve leisure activities.


“The LSVT BIG program can help patients with neurological conditions other than Parkinson’s, including stroke, multiple sclerosis, multiple systems atrophy and cerebral palsy,” said Hanson. “Research also indicates patients with Parkinson’s should not wait until they begin to experience disability, impaired functioning or loss of balance to start the program.”

Treatment consists of 16 one-hour sessions, four consecutive days a week for four weeks. Patients will also have daily homework practice and daily carryover exercises.

The new Parkinson’s therapy program further enhances Brookings Health System’s comprehensive rehabilitative services for in-patient and out-patient therapy. Services include physical, occupational and speech therapy. For more information on how you or a loved one may benefit from Parkinson’s therapy or any other rehab service, please visit or call (605) 696-8821.

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