Neighborhoods & Households

Household living room
Household Living Room

The Neighborhoods at Brookview has three distinct neighborhoods, each with two households. Each household accommodates 13 residents, a total of 26 residents per neighborhood. Neighborhoods and households include:

East Neighborhood

  • Maple Ridge
  • Ash Boulevard

North Neighborhood

  • Household kitchen
    Household Kitchen
    Elm Pass
  • Pine Trail

West Neighborhood

  • Oake Lane
  • Birch Way

Each household includes:

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry area
  • Common dining room
  • Private family dining rooms for when residents have visitors and wish to eat and visit in privacy
  • Sun rooms

Each neighborhood includes:

  • An outdoor courtyard shared by the adjoining households
  • A restorative room with a NuStep cross trainer, stationary bike, dowels and TV allows residents to work out and maintain their physical health
  • A spa with a whirlpool tub and hair washing station for bathing and hygiene