Resident Rooms

Resident room decorated with individual's personal affectsThe Neighborhoods at Brookview has 73 private rooms and three semi-private rooms to accommodate couples.

Private and semi-private rooms feature:

  • Between 235 to 240 square feet of space
  • Provided bed, nightstand, chair, dresser and TV stand
  • Telephone, cable and Internet hook ups and Wi-Fi access
  • Independent temperature control
  • Directly piped oxygen, assisting residents who need oxygen therapy
  • Private, handicap accessible bathroom with a heat lamp and roll-in shower

Residents should consider bringing the following items with them to furnish their room:

  • Artwork, photos, and any other preferred wall d├ęcor
  • Computer
  • Dorm-Sized Refrigerator
  • TV
  • Chair/Recliner if they prefer their own over the one provided
  • Alarm clock

Bariatric Rooms

Each neighborhood has one designated bariatric room. These private rooms are very similar to standard rooms but are designed to accommodate the special needs of bariatric residents. Rooms are larger, including extended doorways, larger toilets, and wider handrails. They also include bariatric beds, recliners, and shower chairs.

Hospice Suites

Hospice suites are private rooms dedicated to residents who face a terminal illness and receive hospice care. Suites are designed specifically to provide medical, emotional and spiritual care. The goal is to help residents live life as fully possible, surrounded by family and friends, up until the end of life. Each hospice suite includes a special bed spread, HD TV, and alarm clock.