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Telehealth services, sometimes referred to as telemedicine, give patients an option to receive medical services from the convenience of their home or other current location. Outpatient medical care is delivered by way of a HIPAA-compliant internet connection, ensuring all personal health information remains confidential. These e-visits are required to have audio and visual components to allow the patient and care provider to interact virtually.

Telehealth visits are ideal for patients who benefit from social distancing, are immunocompromised, have limited transportation, or live a long distance from care providers.

Prior to a telehealth visit, a patient receives paperwork and any other needed material in the mail. A patient will also receive an email containing a link to log in for their appointment. 


To receive telehealth services, patients must:

  • Have an order from a physician for the service
  • Have a device with audio and video capabilities, such as a computer, smart phone or tablet
  • Have access to an internet connection
  • Have a valid email address

In addition, Brookings Health recommends patients contact their insurance provider to ensure telehealth services will be covered. Face to face appointments are still available if telehealth options are not covered by patient insurance. 

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