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Name Birthday Parent(s)
Jonah 3/30/2019 Jasmine and Nicholas
Alaina 3/29/2019 Rebecca and Andrew
Maddox 3/28/2019 Leigha and Adam
Madisyn Jo 3/28/2019 Barbara and Jackson
Joseph Francis 3/28/2019 Danielle and Freddy
Macy 3/27/2019 Emily and Brian
Noelle Grace 3/25/2019 Amy and Eric
Isabelle 3/25/2019 Brooke and Kyle
Lily 3/21/2019 Randi and Dalton
Karlie Skyla 3/21/2019 Angela and Daniel
Mia 3/20/2019 Arine and Oleksandr
Braylee 3/19/2019 Kena and Logan
Zackery 3/19/2019 Linda and Chris
Oliver 3/16/2019 Lisa and Isaac
Callahan 3/16/2019 Emily and Mike