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Name Birthday Parent(s)
Ava 2/12/2019 Chrystal and Nathan
Raelynn 2/12/2019 Courtney and Kevin
Rylee 2/8/2019 Carrie and Jason
Marshall Donald 2/7/2019 Cori and Daren
Laila Claire 2/6/2019 Lyndsey and Matthew
Ella 2/6/2019 Savannah & Curtis
Grayson 2/5/2019 Ryann and Jesse
Jack 2/5/2019 Jaime and Kevin
Dane 2/5/2019 Ramie and RJ
Everleigh 2/5/2019 Adrianna and Hunter
Angel 2/4/2019 Roscio and David
Laney 2/4/2019 Meredith and John
Marcail 2/4/2019 Sara and David
Makenlee Annalynn 2/1/2019 Heidi and Jacob
Chett 2/1/2019 Erin and Austin