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Name Birthday Parent(s)
Peter Rolfe 8/14/2018 Kate and Jake
Finn 8/10/2018 Amber and Andrew
Claudia Dawn 8/10/2018 Chelsea and Tim
Haylie 8/9/2018 Lindsay and Darin
Kelsyn 8/8/2018 Erica and Justin
Henry 8/6/2018 Michelle and Tony
Brookston 8/5/2018 Jenny and Forrest
Dreya 8/4/2018 Viriah
Freja 8/3/2018 Kayla and Nick
Ferny 8/1/2018 Emily and Joseph
Henry 7/30/2018 Claudia and Wilmer
Addalynne 7/29/2018 Jenny and Dusty
Evangelina 7/27/2018 Tasiyagnunpa and Benjamin
Maverick 7/27/2018 Alison and Riley
James Jeffrey 7/24/2018 Andrea and Jeff