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Name Birthday Parent(s)
Ruger 10/16/2021 Rebecca and Josh
Charlotte 10/14/2021 Liz and Derek
Lennon 10/11/2021 Lorena & Chris
Muriel 10/11/2021 Meagan and Samuel
Max 10/11/2021 Arine and Oleksandr
Cooper 10/7/2021 Beth and Austin
Samantha 10/6/2021 Maria and Arturo
Hayes 10/5/2021 Sian and Mike
Carlee 10/4/2021 Brooke and Brock
Landon 10/4/2021 Tara and Steven
Beau 10/1/2021 Brooke and Dylan
Jase 10/1/2021 Kacey and Ashton
Raleigh 9/30/2021 Kati and Jesse
Charles 9/27/2021 Emily and Keeley
Jackson 9/26/2021 Rachel and John