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Name Birthday Parent(s)
Romeo 9/23/2021 Sandra and Diego
Rylen Ray 9/23/2021 Jen and Shane
Ryot 9/18/2021 Bobbi and Ethan
Russell 9/17/2021 Liz and Josh
Scarlett 9/15/2021 Karla and Jeremiah
Noah 9/15/2021 Krista and Tim
Tucker 9/13/2021 Stacy and Mindy
Elieth 9/13/2021 Brenda and Abner
Lincoln 9/12/2021 Erica and Nick
Najd 9/11/2021 Anfal and Salman
Thomas 9/11/2021 Lily and Ryan
Lucille 9/9/2021 Julia
Addison 9/7/2021 Mikayla and Brandon
Aubrey 9/7/2021 Phoebe and Wayne
Elma 9/7/2021 Melissa and Zach