FAQS about Commercial Insurance

Yes. Please bring your insurance cards, referrals, authorizations, and written orders with you so we have accurate information when filing your claim. We appreciate you paying your deductibles and co-payment when you register.

Yes. It is the patient's responsibility to ensure your scheduled services will be covered by your insurance provider and all referrals and pre-authorizations have been obtained. We recommend you contact your insurance company prior to your visit to ensure your services will be covered and determine your payment responsibility.

Yes, as long as we have the correct insurance information. If we do not, your account will become a "self-pay" until we have the correct information.

You should receive an Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company when payment has been processed. You may always call Brookings Health System's Business Office at (605) 696-8030 to confirm insurance payment.

Contact your insurance company with the number on your insurance card.

Contact your insurance company directly to find out why they are not paying the claim or a portion of the claim. If Brookings Health System can offer additional assistance, please contact our Business Office at (605) 696-8030.

Under certain circumstances, we provide "charity care" for individuals with proven financial need. Contact our Business Office at (605) 696-8030 for additional information.

We accept most major insurance providers. You may either call your insurance company or inquire whether Brookings Health System is a participating provider, or you may call our Business Office at (605) 696-8030.