Heidi Briseno, Doula

Heidi Briseno


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Hello, my name is Heidi Briseno and I have been fortunate to assist in over twenty-five births within the Brookings area. I am a CPI-trained doula and have been a volunteer doula at the Brookings Hospital for the past four years. I have been assisting births at Brookings Health System, Watertown, and Sioux Falls hospitals since April 2019.

My passion is supporting women as they navigate the journey of parenthood. Every mother needs to feel heard and empowered during their experience, no matter the location, and select the care that helps them feel safe. It's critical the mother and their partner attain their specific desires and needs to have a comfortable and joyful experience. I am passionate about helping parents explore and articulate their hopes for their birth. 

I have been blessed with four beautiful children. My personal experiences of giving birth and breastfeeding gave me the greater insight needed to empathize with laboring moms, and provide encouragement and perspective. Since starting my doula services, I have been fortunate to support families through a variety of unique labors. Every single birth has been a beautiful and inspiring experience that brings joy to both the parents and me.