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CT technologist assisting patient in computerized tomography tubeComputerized tomography, also known as a “CAT scan,” is a medical diagnostic imaging tool that allows the visualization of internal structures within the human body. This aids physicians in diagnosing disease, viewing abnormalities and assessing the extent of trauma damage.

Our 64-slice CT scanner uses a low radiation dose and artificial intelligence to create 128-slice resolution, digital images with enhanced contrast, texture and detail. It auto-centers the patient for the most accurate imaging and removes glare created by metal inside the body, such as with artificial joints. It also streamlines and automates workflow, enabling our team to scan patients faster and get test results more quickly to medical providers for interpretation. The increased speed helps patients in emergency situations, like trauma or stroke, have better outcomes. 

Our CT scanner also has a 22% wider bore opening and longer table to accommodate patients of all sizes. It also holds up to 675 pounds to accommodate bariatric patients. 

Pat Schirmang felt comforted by the medical imaging staff during her CT scan with contrast, which put her mind at ease during the procedure.

Types of CT Diagnostic Testing

CT tests Brookings Health performs includes:

  • Routine venous scans, including obstructions, renal stones and infections
  • Arterial scans, including aneurysms and blood clots
  • Smaller reconstructed images for more finer detailed images
  • 3D reconstruction

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