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Brookings Health System’s doula program helps expectant parents who deliver at New Beginnings Birth Center have healthier, easier births.

Services a Doula Offers

Doula helping a pregnant mother during labor and delivery by having her squat on the floorDoulas are professional labor support companions. They are part of the maternal health care team but do not provide medical treatment. They help parents navigate the stress, challenges and unexperienced situations of childbirth. Doulas assist mothers and their partners with emotional and physical needs. Doulas also help laboring parents with information support, guiding them through decision making by helping mothers and their partners consider the benefits, alternatives and risks. 

Doulas at Brookings Health System must complete either a Childbirth Professionals International or Doulas of North America (DONA) training course or its equivalent. Doulas are trained in comfort massage, pressure point relief, positioning and birthing balls. They also use music, aromatherapy, relaxation and visualization. Their goal is to make the birth experience as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Watch & Learn

Ana and Salvador Ruiz share their peaceful birthing experience with support from the Brookings Health System team from beginning to end. Brookings Health System doula coordinator Victoria Wakeman explains the program available to moms in our community have the birth plan they want. Brookings mom Kristina Lankow shares how a doula supported both herself and her husband during the birth of their son. First-time mom Tiffany Niemann of Clear Lake, SD, shares her experience using a doula for the birth of her daughter.

Benefits of Doula Care

  • Improves birth outcome
  • Reduces fear and anxiety
  • Reduces the need for medication during labor
  • Reduces the need for medical interventions during labor
  • Reduces Cesarean births
  • Increases breastfeeding proficiency
  • Increases women's feelings of empowerment and satisfaction
  • Decreases birth trauma

Doula Package

Our doula package costs a $350 flat fee and includes:

  • 1 to 2 planned texts or phone calls with the doula to plan labor and delivery support
  • Continuous labor support during childbirth
  • Post-partum assistance 1 to 2 hours after delivery

Other services can be arranged for privately between the parents and their doula.

Choose a Doula

Expectant parents interested in selecting a doula can attend a monthly “Ask a Doula” session at Brookings Health System. There parents can get to know doulas on a personal level and learn more about the services the doulas offer. They may select a doula during the "Ask a Doula" session or they may email their selection to

Upcoming Events


Jun 29 Saturday

Childbirth Support Specialists Doula Training

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Obstetrics Doula


Jul 01 Monday

Ask a Doula

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Obstetrics Doula


Aug 05 Monday

Ask a Doula

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Obstetrics Doula

System Providers:

Alissa Crandall

Alissa Crandall, Doula

  • Doula
  • Brookings Hospital
Ellie Livingston

Ellie Livingston, Doula

  • Doula
  • Brookings Hospital
Heidi Briseno

Heidi Briseno, Doula

  • Doula
  • Brookings Hospital
Victoria Wakeman

Victoria Wakeman, Doula

  • Doula
  • Brookings Hospital