Medical Alert Systems

Personal Activator Button worn as a necklaceThe Emergency Response System (ERS) provides the most reliable and easy to use medical alert system on the market. It gives you and your family peace of mind that help is only a button push away.

The Emergency Response System helpspeople of all ages to live more independent, active and care-free lives.

How does the Emergency Response System Work?

When you need help, press your personal activator button.

The two-way voice console unit will beep twice stating “Emergency–Emergency” and will automatically dial the 24-hour Response Center.

Personal activator button worn on the wristTrained professionals who have immediate access to your personal profile will speak with you to identify the type of help you need.

Personal Activator Button

There are two easy ways to wear your emergency response system (ERS) panic button: 
Wear it like a wrist watch or around your neck.

Medical alert base stationMedical Alert Base Station

In order for the medical alert system to work properly, the base console must connect to a LAN (standard) telephone line within your house. This connects by hooking the cord from the telephone to the underside of the console. The first response system will conveniently work alongside your existing house phone.

Quick Facts about the Emergency Response System

  • Two-way voice capability
  • Suitable for temporary or permanent situations
  • Installs in minutes
  • Backup battery (32 hour emergency backup)
  • 24/7 monitoring support center
  • Water resistant panic button

To order your Emergency Response System, contact the Emergency Response System Care Team by calling (605) 696-8888 or e-mail