Brookings Health System

Foot Care Clinic

Patient-1_before-and-after_whole-foot.jpgBrookings Health System offers a Foot Care Clinic every Tuesday at the hospital and the fourth Monday every month at Arlington Medical Center. The clinic is led by one of our certified foot care nurses.

Our nurses perform routine foot assessments involving foot inspection and nail trimming. During the foot inspection, nurses look for color changes, foot/ankle swelling, temperature changes, decreased sensation, cracks in the skin, bone formations, calluses, ulcers and ingrown toenails.

To provide outpatient treatment for foot issues, our nurses use sterilized equipment designed for foot care. To grind thickened nails and calluses, nurses use a Dremel and also run a HEPA filter to capture harmful particles generated from grinding. To maintain patient safety and prevent infections, equipment is not reused from patient to patient.

Related Info

Screenings and Assessments

  • Circulation
  • Sensation
  • Nails
    Foot care equipment
  • Skin
  • Shoes


  • Toenails trimmed and filed
  • Grinding of thickened nails
  • Buff corns and calluses
  • Moisturize and massage


  • Daily foot care
    Personal protective equipment used in foot care
  • Personal protective equipment used in foot care
  • Proper inspection methods
  • Footwear selection
  • Precautions to protect feet
  • Exercises

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (605) 696-8888.