Brookings Health System

Kidney Stone Surgery

Urologist Dr. Dileep Bhat from Avera Medical Specialty Group and urologists from Urology Specialists of Sioux Falls can perform kidney, bladder and ureteral stone removal at Brookings Health System using a holmium laser. Urologists typically perform the procedure when patients are unable to pass stones on their own and experience discomfort and pain.

Holmium laser lithotripsy provides many patient benefits, including immediate relief of symptoms and a quick recovery. Laser lithotripsy uses a flexible laser fiber inserted into a scope through the urethra to the stone located in the bladder, ureter or kidney. When the laser is activated, the laser beam breaks up the stone into smaller sizes capable of being passed. No incisions are necessary and general anesthesia keeps the patient comfortable.

Referral for holmium laser lithotripsy is required. If you experience problems with kidney or ureteral stones, please contact your primary care provider first or visit the ER if warranted.

Patient Benefits

  • Immediate relief of symptoms
  • Quick recovery
  • No incisions necessary
  • Shorter commute

Watch & Learn

Do you know the symptoms and causes of kidney stones? Dr. Dileep Bhat explains how the irritants form and how we treat them. Deuel teacher Cindy Konold explains how our team helped her through a painful kidney stone.