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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI.jpgBrookings Health System's MRI system features a wider bore opening to accommodate patients of all body types. This wider bore also helps prevent a closed-in feeling for claustrophobic patients. As the latest technology, it provides faster exams with better image detail.

MRI uses computers and magnetic fields, rather than radiation, to provide safe and non-invasive images of the human anatomy. All MRI scans are conducted through physician referrals.

MRI is used to improve the diagnosis of a wide range of conditions such as vascular disease; brain disorders; stroke; and musculoskeletal conditions in the knee, shoulder, and other joints. It is also used in evaluating orthopedic injuries. Learn more about MRI technology on our frequently asked MRI questions page.

The MRI is available on-site at Brookings Health System, Monday-Friday.

Watch & Learn

Astoria resident Wayne Specht talks about the local care coordination between the VA and Brookings Health for him to get local medical care easily.

Brookings resident Terri Hein explains the differences between our old MRI machine and the new wide-bore MRI, especially for those with claustrophobia, in the video below.

Want your MRI procedure at Brookings Health? Ask your physician to refer you. Have your physician call (605) 696-8888.