Oculoplastic Surgery

eye.jpgOculoplastic surgery includes procedures that deal with the eye socket, eyelids, tear ducts and face. It combines ophthalmology with plastic and reconstructive surgery to improve a patient’s vision. It is performed on children and adults to correct or treat disorders, both common and rare, including droopy eyelids, tear duct obstructions, eye socket fractures and tumor in and around the eyes.

Most oculoplastic procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. Post-operative care will depend on the specific procedure performed, but typically patients should take it easy with minimal activity the first few days. Most patients will fully recover and resume normal activities within one to two weeks.

Kim Knox explains how easy the surgery for her bi-lateral ptosis was and how much it improved her vision. 

Dr. Timothy Minton performs oculoplastic surgery here in Brookings. Hear the unique point at which he chose this specialty and more about it in this video.

Brookings resident Rosemary Meister shares the story of her life-changing vision surgery. 

Life-Changing Vision Surgery

Aurora City Councilor Allen Pace talks about his same-day vision surgery with Dr. Minton.

Same-Day Vision Surgery

Types of Oculoplastic Procedures:

  • Upper lids:
    • Eyelift to remove excess skin or fat
    • Droopy eyelid repairs
    • Retraction repair when the eyelid pulls away from the eyeball
  • Lower lids:
    • Repairs for when the lower eyelid turns outward or folds inward
  • Tear duct system evaluations
  • Reconstructive:
    • Cuts to the eyelid caused by trauma
    • Reconstruction for skin cancer removed by the eye
    • Eye removal
  • Cosmetic Botox and Eyelifts 

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