Self-Management Classes

iStock_000021983736Medium_web.jpgSelf management is the key to good diabetes care. Following an exact regimen of medical treatment and self care is critical for tight control of blood sugars and reducing the risk for long-term complications like heart disease, stroke, blindness and amputation.

Brookings Health System’s one-on-one diabetic self-management classes can help patients gain confidence in managing their own personal health.

Classes are offered by appointment and are tailored to individual needs. Topics covered include:

  • Basic understanding of diabetes and self management using diet, exercise and medication
  • Blood glucose monitoring, signs and symptoms of low blood sugar and treatment
  • Self care, foot care, and stress management
  • Complications and risks associated with diabetes and preventing them

In addition, our team provides the ability to problem solve and help patients make adjustments as needed for their individual lifestyles.

For more information on diabetes education and services offered, please call (605) 696-8088 or email