Brookings Health System

Pediatric Imaging

9012f1af75ca8ee7e105af4bab7ad6ad.jpgAs your child grows, he or she may run into developmental issues such as hip dysplasia, disorders of organs and intestines or physical injuries. The Imaging Services team at Brookings Health System has the state-of-the-art tools, techniques, and expertise to help your physician diagnose your child to get them on a healthy track again.

The Imaging Services department now offers pediatric hip ultrasounds to diagnose if your infant has a clinical indication for hip dysplasia, which is the term used to describe a broad range of hip abnormalities that may be present at birth or may develop as your child grows in their early stages of life. The hip ultrasound creates images on infants four weeks to six months of age with no radiation exposure in the process.

The Imaging Services department also offers x-rays for pediatric patients using safe, low-dosage techniques following the American College of Pediatrics Image Gently campaign. X-ray procedures offered for children include abdomen, spine, chest, upper and lower extremities, and upper GI (gastrointestinal) series testing. Upper GI series testing helps diagnose disorders of the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum. The procedure involves your child drinking a liquid that has barium in it so the x-ray radiologist can watch it move through their digestive tract using a machine called a fluoroscope.

The Imaging Services department also has a new direct digital portable x-ray system that takes pictures that instantly appear on a screen in seconds, helping health care providers quickly diagnose and treat your child. The new digital portable x-ray system is safer for your child since fully digital x-rays reduce the required radiation dose to take images. The portable x-ray system also makes it more convenient if your child comes to our emergency room with an injury, bringing the x-ray machine directly to them.

Contact the Imaging Services Department at (605) 696-8056.