Brookings Health System

Pediatric Surgery

A toddler being held by an OR nurse inside an operating room while another operating room nurse gives him a friendly smileBrookings Health System’s surgical specialists perform pediatric procedures at Brookings Hospital, allowing your child to recover close to home, near the comfort of your family and friends. Common pediatric procedures our team performs include:

  • PE tube insertion in the ear canal
  • Adenoidectomy to remove adenoids
  • Tonsillectomy to remove tonsils
  • Appendectomy to remove the appendix
  • Minor orthopedic procedures
  • Minor eye procedures

What to Expect Before, During & After Surgery

Our short animation below will help you and your child to understand what to expect for surgery.

Preparing for Your Child's Surgery

To prepare for your child's surgery:

Your child may be scared or have concerns when they learn they need surgery. It’s important to address their feelings and concerns and talk openly with them about what they can expect. This will help prepare them mentally and emotionally. Be honest, use familiar words and explain how and why the operation will help them. Reassure them you’ll be at the hospital with them the whole time.

Talk about any fears they may have. Tell them it’s okay to have those feelings.

Let your child bring a favorite toy or blanket from home. Please clean the item before bringing it to the hospital.

The nurse will call to review the procedure with you. The nurse will ask about your child’s medications, allergies and past health history. They will tell you what your child may eat or drink before the procedure as well as your child’s hygiene. They will also explain where and when to arrive at the hospital and what to bring with. Feel free to ask any questions about surgery or recovery during this call.

The Day of Surgery

The day of your child’s procedure, our surgery team will keep your child safe and comfortable. Our team will also keep you well informed. On the day of surgery:

Our outpatient services staff will register your child for their procedure. Your child will be given their ID bracelet at that time. After registration, you’ll be asked to sit in the surgical waiting area.

A nurse will call your child’s name and escort you from the surgical waiting area to your child’s prep and recovery room. Your child will change into a surgical gown. The nurse will make sure your child is healthy for surgery and will take vital signs like temperature, blood pressure and pulse.

A certified registered nurse anesthetist will visit with you and your child and answer any questions you may have regarding anesthesia.

Your child’s surgeon will come in to review the procedure and answer any final questions you and your child have.

One of the operating room nurses will take your child back to the procedure room. The nurse will stay by your child’s side throughout the procedure to answer any questions or to provide reassurance. The nurse anesthetist will help keep your child comfortable during the procedure. The nursing staff will keep you updated on your child’s progress. While you wait, you are welcome to stay in your child’s room, sit in the surgical waiting area or visit our gift and coffee shops.

After the procedure is finished, the surgeon will meet you and update you on how your child’s procedure went.

Your child will stay in the post-anesthesia care unit monitored by a nurse. Once your child is stable from the anesthesia, a nurse will bring them back to your child’s room for further recovery.

After Surgery

After surgery, the nursing team will continue to monitor your child’s vital signs. Once your child can drink liquids by mouth without vomiting, is pain free, and meets all other discharge criteria, they will be ready to go home. At discharge, our nursing staff will explain any care instructions your need to know for your child.

The next day, a nurse will call to check on your child, answer any questions and confirm any follow-up appointments.


You can talk to our staff anytime about questions or concerns by calling (605) 696-8075. After hours, please (605) 696-9000 and ask for the Nursing Supervisor.