Pediatrics Occupational Therapy

Pediatric_OT_Web.jpgOccupational therapists promote and support the development and engagement of your children in everyday routines. These routines include play, sleep, social participation, day-to-day activities, and education. At Brookings Health System our pediatric therapist will develop your child’s ability to participate in daily life activities through understanding the impact of your child’s illness, disability, or impairment.

Our services include:

  • Evaluating your child’s developmental and learning needs.
  • Enhancing your child’s learning ability to improve school performance.
  • Providing strategies to facilitate full participation in daily routines such as getting dressed and feeding.
  • Reducing environmental barriers that limit a child’s participation in family, learning, and social activities.
  • Help developing motor, visual, and coordination skills.
  • Helping children with their handwriting
  • Educating parents on what they can do at home for ongoing progress.

Contact the Occupational Therapy Department at (605) 696-8060.

System Providers:


Jamie Halvorson, OT

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