What is LSVT LOUD® therapy?

LSVT LOUD® is an effective speech treatment for individuals with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions. It improves vocal loudness by stimulating voice box muscles and the speech mechanism through a series of exercises. Focused on speaking loudly, the treatment improves respiratory, voice box and pronunciation function to maximize speech understandability.

Research shows improvements in vocal loudness, intonation, and voice quality for individuals with Parkinson’s who received LSVT LOUD, with improvements maintained up to two years after treatment. Research has also shown therapy effectively improves the common problems of disordered articulation, diminished facial expression and impaired swallowing.

The principles of LSVT LOUD were used to develop LSVT BIG.

What does the treatment consist of?

Treatment consists of 16 one-hour sessions, four consecutive days a week for a single month. This intensive therapy is critical to attaining optimal results.

The treatment not only simulates the motor system but also incorporates sensory awareness training to help individuals with PD recognize that their voice is too soft, convincing them that the louder voice is within normal limits, and making them comfortable with their new louder voice.

Ready to start the LSVT LOUD program?

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