Advice for Other First-Time Moms? “Be Flexible”

Video Transcript

My name is Cecilia Wambui Wanjuu. Originally, I'm from Kenya. And I came here two years ago. And I'm a student at the South Dakota State University.

Tell us about your new baby!

My daughter's name is Kristella Gathoni and she's adorable. And she's a calm and healthy baby. She sleeps a lot. So I get to rest too. Yeah. So that's one thing I'm grateful about her.

How did Dr. Abele provide support during your pregnancy?

I'd say she's been very concerned about me. So if I have to call in, if I'm concerned about anything, I would let her know and she'll probably let me come in if there was need to or probably just advise or prescribe something to make me feel better. Yeah, that's what I'd say.

How did the staff help you during labor?

Maybe during labor, I had the nurses coming and, you know, offer me advice, tell me, like, "You can try this position." And, like, for instance, they got the birthing ball and I had to bounce on it sometimes. So they were quite helpful. They were supporting me during the whole process. And they were also quite reassuring, helping me through the breathing and all because the contractions are not that easy. But they helped me through it. They were supportive about the whole process.

How did the staff make you feel comfortable before your C-section?

Yeah. I got a lot of assurance from Dr. Abele, especially just before I was driven down to surgery, she quite reassured me. And she was like, "This is fine. It happens. You'll be okay." And I can have another baby regardless. So she was quite reassuring the whole process.

How did the staff ensure your husband was included in the C-section?

Yes. At first I was concerned and I had even told him, "I'll insist that you be there," because you can't do this alone. Wow, women who do it alone are strong. But we definitely need our spouses in there. So it's a good decision that the facility allowed at least one person to be there. They involved him in the whole process. He had to be there, hold my hand, help me be well-positioned, and that kind of thing. At least they let him be there the whole time. So that's quite important just having family to support you through the whole process, because I was here for...I labored for 24 hours and having a C-section now I had to be here for another 2 days. So he was here the entire time. So that was, you know, it was nice having him around and at least having nurses allow him to be there.

How did the staff support your decision to breastfeed?

Having gone under a C-section, my hands were kind of numb at first. So I wouldn't even have the baby in my hands. I felt like she was just slipping by. So they helped me know how to hold her and just to make sure she's latching well. And wow, she's a natural. She did very well. Up to now, she feeds really well. So they really supported me, being a first-time mom, to know how to go about feed her and just to know if she's had anything. Because, you know, at first, I had issues with milk letdown, but they advised me how to go through that. And the baby latched enough. I think I got enough milk with I think two days. So yeah, they were very helpful with that. They helped me and baby latch very well.

What advice would you give first-time mothers?

Yeah. Number one is being flexible. You can have a plan but just be open because anything can happen during labor and delivery. So number one is just have an open mind and be open to anything and know your options so that if one thing doesn't work, then you know which way to go. But the thing is, it's reassuring that doctors and nurses in here will guide you through the whole process.

Would you recommend Brookings Health System?

Well, I recommend this facility first because very importantly, you have baby in the room, so you don't have to move around. So, like, I was so pleased just having to look over and she's sleeping right there. And if I needed any help, the nurses were available. If I need to just have her come and feed, the nurses would come in or just in case I needed anything. The nurses were helpful. Same case with my doctor. She was there. She was available whenever I needed her. So I would definitely recommend this facility.

What did you appreciate most about your care?

The thing I liked the most is that you have everything in here. If it's lab, if it is, you know, gyno and all, like, everything is under one roof. I don't have to have my sample sent to another place and wait hours and hours for, you know, results so that the next step can be taken. So I like that we have everything under one roof.

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