Back to Normal After Orthopedic Surgery

Video Transcript

My name is Norma Johnson and I live right here in Brookings. I don't really have too many hobbies other than walking our little dog, Jasper, and spending time with my daughter and her two sons and her husband and also with my husband. We are both retired and we just kind of do our own thing every day and enjoy life.

How did your rotator cuff tear?

I was out walking our little dog, Jasper, and it was snowing real heavy. And we got around the east side of our building. We live at Innovation Village and we have quite an area that we can walk Jasper on. And I was on the east side of the building and I slipped and fell on the ice. Down I went and I thought, "Oh my Lord, I can't move my arm, where's Jasper?" and I was still hanging on to him with my left hand and I finally got up and I went into the house. And I told my husband Dave, I said, "I think you need to take me to the emergency room because I fell on the ice and I can't move my arm and it really hurts," and I was crying. And he was just kind of panicked, he says, "Let's go."

How did the emergency room staff treat you?

They were very professional, very caring as to how I was feeling. The X-ray technician, very nice gentleman, and he was very professional and truly cared because I couldn't move my arm whatsoever. And he was trying to get the X-rays of it and I had to move a certain way, this way or that way. He took the time and he truly cared, you know, that he didn't hurt me at all.

How was the consultation with your surgeon, Dr. Holmoe?

We got in there and Dave was really concerned about my pain and all that and how I couldn't move my arm and I was concerned and scared. And he assured me "It's going to be just okay, don't worry, I'm going to fix you, and you're going to have all your motion back and you're going to be just like new." And he's such a caring person. I have never had a doctor that caring before in my whole entire life. He cared about my well being. In fact, he called me after surgery and asked how I was doing and you never seem to ever get that. He truly cares about my well being and my getting back to normal which is wonderful, just wonderful. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Holmoe.

How did Dr. Holmoe make you feel before surgery?

Very much at ease. He assured me many times that I'm going to have you back to normal. He said, "You will be back to normal," he said. "It's going to be a little bit of a process to get you healed first before you even start your physical therapy but you will be back to normal." He said, "I'll get you there." And he always was so...reassured me so many times, every time I'd go in for an appointment that that's the way I was going to be. And it is, it's very much so good in that way.

How did the surgical team care for you?

Heather down in registration was excellent. She was very, very kind and very nice. And got us registered and we went into the room before I go and have surgery and all the nurses were very kind and very professional. They made sure I was very comfortable and not scared. They made me feel like I was at home. It's amazing when you can come into a facility like Brookings Health System. It's so nice and so bright and it makes you feel good when you come in and you just don't have a worry, you don't have to worry because you know you're gonna be well cared for. And they very much showed that and very much did that for me.

How was your recovery?

I went home the same day. They just had to make sure that I could eat and drink and not get sick. It was a little sore afterwards and tough time sleeping. But because I had my brace for quite a while and there again Dr. Holmoe said, "You need to keep the brace on because we need to keep it in position and we don't wanna stretch it in any shape or form and you'll get to the point where you can take it off." And finally, I got to take it off and that was oh, happy day because you didn't have that on. But he knows his stuff very well, he's a very good surgeon. Very good bedside manner, very good doctor. I just can't say enough good things about him.

Would you recommend Brookings Health and Dr. Holmoe for orthopedic surgery?

Oh, yes and I have several times and I've also told everybody that I know of that would ever possibly need any orthopedic to come to Dr. Holmoe because he is the best. And he truly cares about everybody that he treats. You're not just a number when you walk through the door, and he follows up with you. That means so much when you have somebody that cares that much about your well being. So yes, I have and I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart. This is a very good system, very good hospital. I truly believe that Dr. Holmoe is my angel on earth. I truly do, he's an angel.

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