Care Close to Home

Video Transcript

My name is Jenny Martens. I actually live in Arlington right now, and I live there with three horses, two dogs, and two cats, and my husband, of course, and I'm a dog groomer here in Brookings, and I own Bark, Bath & Beyond.

What brought you to the ER?

Well, it was a Tuesday evening, and honestly, I just wanted to take a short ride on my horses. So, I had my gelding blaze saddled up and ready to go, put my left foot up in the stirrup, gave a little bounce on my right leg, and heard my good knee go pop. And so, I crumpled to the ground and had to wait for my husband to come rescue me.

What were your expectations before the X-ray?

My assumption was, and at this point, I can't bear any weight on my right leg at all. So I'm assuming that they're gonna have to get me out of the bed somehow, wheel me down to X-ray, and then I'm gonna have to wait and wait and wait and wait for X-ray to show up. And then they're gonna what? Poke and prod me, and twist and turn me to get the views that they want. I just was expecting to be tortured. And instead, within five minutes of calling X-ray, Julie, the X-ray technician, had shown up, and in she rolls portable X-ray. So, I didn't even have to get outta bed. It was amazing. Painless. It was easy and super, super fast.

Why did you need an MRI?

As it turns out that Julie, who is the X-ray tech, is also the MRI tech as well. So, as I'm leaving that Tuesday night with my new crutches and my new knee brace, Julie waves to me and she says, "I guess we'll be seeing you soon for an MRI." And she was honestly absolutely right. So, the Orthopedic Institute of Sioux Falls recommended that I get an MRI.

How was your MRI experience?

Julie was running right on time when I got here, which is, you know, I'm busy, that's important to me. Got me in right away. And the room was super clean, it's cool, the lights were dim. And she even asked me what kind of music I wanted to listen to on the headphones during the procedure. Then she gives me a nice warm, toasty blanket, and then I think I fell asleep during the MRI. So, yeah, it was super relaxing. I don't think I've been that comfortable and relaxed in a really, really long time. I was kind of sad when it was over because, I mean, it was wonderful. And I think I was in and out of there within 30 minutes and back on the road and back to my life again, which was great. 

How was the collaboration between Brookings Health and the Orthopedic Institute?

Oh, it was super smooth. Everything was really easy. They set it up for me and I was in within a couple of days here in Brookings. So, that was fantastic. 

What was your diagnosis?

I have a bad root tear of my meniscus, which I guess is way worse than the meniscus type of surgeries I've had before. I have someone else that says if I wear my knee brace for the next six months, that it will heal on its own. It's just gonna be a slow heel. I'm gonna go with knee brace. Yeah. I'm gonna wait it out and see because I can always have surgery later if I need to. 

Why did you choose Brookings Health System?

I certainly didn't wanna have to drive all the way down to Sioux Falls and spend my entire day on the road just to get an MRI at Sioux Falls. So I really wanted to have it here. This is five minutes. I mean, it's five minutes away from my business in Brookings, which is amazing for me. So I was able to just take a couple minutes off of work. And it's hard to have to reschedule. You know, when we own a grooming salon, it's hard to have to reschedule 10 or 12 dogs to drive all the way down to Sioux Falls and drive back. So, it was very convenient for me. And gosh, she was fast. So, yeah, I was in and out of here in no time.

What did you appreciate about the imaging staff?

Everybody was really fast, they were professional. I kind of felt like everyone was family here. I mean, everybody was really kind to me and everybody was really good to me and treated me with respect, which I appreciated. 

Why is it important to have care close to home?

It would've been hard for me to go anywhere else. I was in a lot of pain. I could barely get in the car to get here. So, I can't imagine having to drive, you know, further to Sioux Falls to get treatment. It's not the first time I've been hurt near a horse, and it's certainly not the last time that I'm gonna get hurt. So I'm glad that they're nearby even when I live out of town. They're not that far away.

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