Certainty with Urology Surgery

Video Transcript

I'm Mary Krenz. I live out at Lake Thompson. I'm retired. I help out with senior meals five days a week in DeSmet and enjoy the lake the rest of my time.

What Led to Your Surgery at Brookings Health System?

He went in and put a band around the muscle of my bladder to help prevent leakage and stuff.

Was Incontinence Surgery a Difficult Decision?

It was a no-brainer. I mean I just, you know, when you go somewhere you just...first thing you do is you look for the door and you run and it was a no-brainer.

How Did Dr. Bhat Make You Feel?

Oh he's a very nice man. He takes his time with you, you know. If you have any questions, he answered them. Just a very nice man. I'm not good on doctors, but him, I felt very comfortable with. 

What Do You Remember From the Surgery?
I was very relaxed because, you know, like I said him and the staff were very nice, you know. I came in here and took me right in the room and the nurses were in and out all of the time talking to me and telling me what was going on, how long it was going to be, what it was going to be. So, it was great.

How Was Your Pain Managed After Surgery?

Oh, good, great, I've had no pain, no nothing. It's just like I come in, took a little nap and went home.

How Was Your Recovery?

It's still in the process, it's still going, it will take awhile but it's better. I mean I don't have to all the sudden run somewhere you know and first thing to look for is the bathroom and stuff like that so it's getting better. It's working very good.

What Would You Tell Others Considering Incontinence Surgery at Brookings Health System?

Definitely go see Dr. Bhat and at least talk to him, because he'll answer any questions that you want to ask him.