‘Clean and Cozy’ Care After Hip Replacement

Video Transcript

My name is Gail Seeklander. I live northwest of Bruce, South Dakota. One of my favorite things I do is to revive my flowers. I keep them year after year and I put them upstairs in a room. They come back this spring. They're just beautiful.

What were you doing to relieve your joint pain?

I was using Tylenol, more Tylenol than I was supposed to, and I used topical creams, and nothing did it. The only really relief I had was with ice pack. I had a cortisone shot in March. And that's when Dr. Holmoe, he decided...you know, he told me, he said, "We'll try the cortisone shot, and then we'll see how that goes." And the shot only lasted a month. And then, I went in too and had physical therapy and as I kept doing the physical therapy, everything got worse. So, in the end of May, I told him, I said, "I can't take this anymore. We're gonna have to do something," because I had pain radiating from my ankle to my hip. And this was the best thing I ever did.

Why did you decide on Mako robotic-arm assisted joint surgery?

Well, this was a suggestion from Dr. Holmoe. It's amazing how they could separate those tendons and muscles and replace my arthritic hip. It's amazing. It's wonderful. It's the best thing I've ever done.

Why did you choose surgery in Brookings?

I doctor in Brookings, and I doctor with Dr. Kruse. I've doctored with her for many years. It's close to home, and it's a very friendly place. I mean, I never have had such good care. I don't know why anybody would want to travel away.

What was your impression of Dr. Holmoe?

Dr. Holmoe was very considerate, he explained everything that we would do for the surgery. And even after I came back after surgery, he explained more things because I had more questions, you know "How, well actually, really, what did we do?" He's very good, he's a very cordial, well-knowledged person.

How long was your hospital stay?

Well, I was submitted at 5:30 on Tuesday, and at 4:00 on Thursday, I was discharged. And they said this is because they kept me hydrated. This was the fastest that anybody ever went out of the hospital.

What was your impression of the staff and the inpatient care unit?

I've never had people treat me so nice as far as professionally health wise. They always apologized in the middle of night when they had to come take your blood pressure or give you a pill. It was very clean, cozy. It's nice to have a bathroom close by, a shower.

What therapy milestones did you reach before leaving the hospital?

I had physical therapy during the day, and I had to go...first day, it was like three times around the station, and the next day, it was four times around the station. And then, we did physical therapy in the bed, which I took home the instructions and I did that at home. And then, the fourth day, they had put me down for five times around the station. Well, by the time they got my shower and couple times around the station, they said I could go home. So, I didn't get to do my five times around the station. They said I was doing so well.

How did the hospitalist, Dr. Leadabrand, help your recovery?

I had to call Dr. Leadabrand after I got home because my blood pressure had dropped, and she told me what to do and she asked me to keep a record of my blood pressure and then bring it back to my doctor when I came for my regular checkup. But as far as Dr. Leadabrand, she's such a kind, soft-hearted person. I guess I did not realize they had hospitalists until I came into the hospital now.

How has your joint function improved following surgery?

I do not have any pain. I mean, the pain radiated from my ankle to my hip, and right now, I use a cane when I know I'm gonna be walking a lot and when the ground is very uneven. Otherwise, I'm on my own. I never was prescribed pain medication other than Tylenol. Otherwise, yeah, I had taken the medication for arthritis, and I do not take that anymore.

Would you recommend Brookings Health System for joint replacement?

After the success of my surgery, I don't know why anybody wouldn't use the Brookings Health System. I mean, we have the doctors, and the nurses, the facility that is close to home. So, I would just stay with what you like.

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