Compassion + Care at The Neighborhoods Nursing Home

Video Transcript

I'm Howard Lee and I live in Volga, South Dakota and I'm 98 years of age. We have five kids, 15 grandkids, and 10 great-grandkids, so a total of 25.

Why Is Living Close to Home Important?

The facility close to home is ideal. My wife said she didn't wanna travel to Sioux Falls and I can understand that because she's 92 and if she was going to have to drive into Sioux Falls that would be a problem for her. She thinks it's enough of a traffic problem in Brookings to keep up with what's going on and so far no fender-benders. She's getting along okay.

What Amenities Do You Enjoy at The Neighborhoods?

The food is so good, the quality's good and the quantity is excellent. In fact it's over-done, they give us too much food. A little padding develops with the waistline now with the quantity and quality of food they give us.

What Do You Appreciate About the Staff?
The professionalism is excellent, the helpers...I'm just amazed at the quality of young people. They thank you for the chance to do something for you. When they finish doing what they're asked to do, they will usually say, "Is there anything else?" as they're leaving, again, "Is there anything else we can do for you?" That's about as hospitable as a person can be when they say "Is there anything else we can do for you?"

Would You Recommend The Neighborhoods?

Yes, I certainly would. The personnel starting with, and then the excellent facility. The people having made the comment that...the planners here dreamed up some new concepts in what rest homes can be and should be, and we've got that evidence here now with the five-star facility. The people that dreamed up the idea as a neighborhood, it really rings a bell for top-level ratings and you're getting them. I just don't know how it could be much better because you're doing all you can to try and create the same home environment as you can, as what people had previously.