Easing MRI Fears

Video Transcript

I'm Terri Hein. I live here in Brookings and in my free time, I like to spend time with my family and our four-year-old granddaughter.

What symptoms brought you to Brookings Health System?

I was at work one day and stood up and walked a little bit and that was it. Something happened with my back. And so I got a hold of my primary care physician at the clinic and she got a referral over and the hospital got me in right away for an MRI.

How did your previous MRI experience compare to the newly remodeled imaging department?

My first MRI experience was in the middle of winter. They bundled me up in my coat and gloves, which I didn't realize what they were doing, and I was taken outdoors. And there was a lot of snow, lots of wind, and that's where I went out to a pod to have my MRI taken. So of course this time it was amazing. The room was obviously much bigger, the MRI machine appeared to even be bigger. It was warm, versus the other one was a little chilly. It was just a relaxing experience. I don't do well with small spaces so this MRI machine, I didn't even have to be medicated, pre-medicated ahead of time. So it was like night and day, an amazing experience.

How did the imaging staff help you feel comfortable?

My experience here was phenomenal from the minute I walked in the front door. I was registered, my technician came to get me and I felt very much cared for. I was in a lot of pain and scared because I did not know what was happening and they made me feel absolutely at ease. We got into the MRI room and my technician asked me what music I wanted to listen to. She asked if I was warm enough. She did not leave my side until I knew that I was safe in there and that if I needed her, I could just squeeze a little button and she would be right there. It was excellent.

What did you appreciate most about Brookings Health System?

The compassion of the hospital staff. The registration girls, the technician, any of the staff that I came into contact with that day, I felt their compassion and made me feel a lot more at ease. I feel that everyone at the hospital has come together and made it easy for me to get my appointments set up in a timely fashion. And I just feel that everyone has come together to help me and it has made things so much easier and less stressful for myself.

What do you think of the hospital expansion and renovation?

It's just so nice, all the work that has been done. It's such a nice addition for the hospital in the Brookings community. Everyone is wonderful, all the way from registration to the technician I had. It was just a very comfortable appointment that I had here.

Would you recommend imaging services at Brookings Health System?

I would highly encourage it. I know that a lot of people can't always get to Sioux Falls and, you know, they don't have to. There's no reason to. I think the facility here offers so much. The experience that I have had here with the staff, the facility itself with a new expansion, I would highly recommend this for anybody to stay right here in town if possible to have any procedures or testing done.