Excellent Support During Pregnancy and After

Video Transcript

I'm Erin Glidden and this is Nolan. I'm originally from Sioux City, Iowa. We moved to Brookings three years ago and I am the director of loyalty giving at the SDSU Foundation.

How many children do you have?

We have two. We have our daughter Riley, she turned two at the end of April and then Nolan, he is eight weeks old.

How was your delivery with Nolan?

Pretty uneventful, quick. He surprised us with how large he was. The nurses and the doctors were surprised when he came out. With him being so large, his shoulder got stuck so one of the nurses performed this maneuver on my stomach that helped pop him right out.

How did the staff support you and your family during labor and delivery?

They were great. Again, we didn't have any complications or anything from that nature, but they were attentive and if I needed something, when I asked for my epidural, they were johnny-on-the-spot and bringing the doctor in and overall we couldn't be more happy with our experience here that we had.

How was your care leading up to delivery?

So, with Dr. Haarsma and her staff, obviously, they're top notch. It's nice knowing that she is in the same boat we are with just recently having kids so she's able to say, "Oh, you know the textbooks say you'll feel this 18 weeks or whatever, but I felt it with my children at this or that or whatever." And we actually partner with a doctor in Omaha as well for some infertility stuff. So, between the two of them, it was really nice that they can just work together and she was open to having another doctor do some of my medications and monitoring stuff throughout the pregnancy as well, which she did for this pregnancy and our first one as well.

How did this pregnancy compare to your first?

It went a lot faster because with the first one you know exactly how many weeks you are and everything. And then chasing a toddler around, obviously, you're a little bit more busy, but both of them have...besides having to do some monitoring of progesterone, some additional shots and things of that nature, they were pretty comparable actually.

What did you appreciate most about your care?

I think just how attentive the entire staff is here. They obviously...when you walk in, they even remembered me from two years ago and were asking always how's our family? They knew my husband, his job, and his career. They'd ask just how various things were doing. So, they actually care to get to know you versus just walking in, doing their job and leaving. They actually I think really truly care about you as a family and an individual.

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