Getting PET/CT Imaging Close to Home

Video Transcript

I'm Susan Rufer. I'm from Brookings right now, originally I'm from Aberdeen, South Dakota. And I like to spend time with my grandchildren. I like to visit my friends from the sheriff's office where I work. I like to travel. I like to do artsy-craftsy things.

Please explain your condition.

I got sick in 2009 with a sore throat and got a rare autoimmune illness. I couldn't get out of bed. I couldn't function. I'd overflow the tub. I couldn't cook. I'd forget things. I was just really really ill. I was in Kentucky at the time, they contacted a specialist at University of Kentucky in Lexington, he was a neurologist. He said when my illness attacked me and I got sick it started reproducing those bad autoantibodies and turning against my body. I finally got put on an Alzheimer's medicine and an experimental medicine which was Namenda at the time. And the two of them together started making my brain work so I could function again. So I came back to South Dakota and I was getting out of bed and I was starting to function again and think a little bit better and stuff.

Why are PET/CT scans important to your care?

He's looking for any signs of cancer or tumors or anything that could be attacking my organs. And he wants to make sure if they do see something they can be proactive and get started right away with a treatment on me to prevent anything from happening to me.

How does Dr. Bien and Brookings Health collaborate with your neurologist in Kentucky?

Dr. Bien is wonderful because when I get sick I get sick for longer periods of time than other people and my immune response doesn't work as well. And so if there's a major major issue he can contact my doctor down in Kentucky if he has a question, which he has done before with my health a couple of times. And been proactive and talk to Dr. Geiger on the phone and feels very confident with the doctor and what he's doing in his recommendations.

What are the benefits of a local PET/CT scan?

It was wonderful because I could have nothing to drink or eat for four hours prior and I just jumped up in the morning, put my clothes on, went down there and checked in. And I didn't have to go and stay in a motel and wait to get the x-rays done or do traveling, spend a lot of gas money to get there. It was very convenient for me just to drive a short distance, get it done quickly and get back home.

What did you appreciate most about Brookings Health System?

They care about their patients. They look for answers if they need to get them and will refer you out. They get your results back to you really quickly and I'm fortunate to have a good hospital and clinic in Brookings, South Dakota.

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