Grateful for the Five Star Care

Video Transcript

I am Debra Sommervold and I'm from Brookings, South Dakota. I'm retired, ex-Walmart employee and a homemaker. 

What Procedure Did You Have at Brookings Health System?
Dr. Haynes fused some bones in my foot and did some scraping and just kind of put it back together. 

What Led to Your Surgery at Brookings Health System?
It was an old injury and he was finally the doctor that said he could help me get rid of the pain, and I can't thank him enough for that. 

How Did Dr. Haynes Make You Feel?
He explained everything fully and that's exactly what happened. How it would feel afterwards and the healing time. 

What Do You Remember From the Surgery?
It was very easy. It was February 7th, I remember it very good, and they said, "Well you're in the new hospital, one of the new rooms," and got me in there and...beautiful room. It was like a suite. And, got me ready and the nurse was explaining everything to what was going to happen and so forth, and it was a piece of cake for me. 

How Was Your Recovery in the Inpatient Care Unit?
Wonderful, I mean the nurses helped me up, got me up to walk a little bit with a walker, and then the wheelchair, and yeah it complaints at all. I mean, like I said, they were just fantastic. 

What Physical Therapy Helped Your Recovery?
Stretching and icing and I couldn't put any full weight bearing on it, so they just wanted me to stretch that tendon til they told me to put weight bearing on it. And that was a few weeks. But, other than that, it was very good. I listened to them because I didn't want it to do over. 

How Was Your Pain Managed After Surgery?
It's very minimal, it's more or less when I walk, but at least I can walk longer and doesn't hurt that much. 

How Has Surgery Affected Your Life?
It's given me more freedom, to be away from all that pain all the time. I mean, yes, I still have some, but I'm still recuperating. But it just made me more independent, and not being afraid to go on walks. I'm not there yet like I wanna be, but I'm getting there. 

How Did the Inpatient Care Staff Support You?
They treated me like I was their only patient, kinda like a queen. I mean they just focused on me, to take care of me, to see if I was in pain, if I needed any pain meds and answered all my questions and fears. You know, what if I should accidentally step on it? What if, you know, this and that? They just put my mind at ease completely. 

What Would You Tell Others Considering Surgery at Brookings Health System?
If you're sick or ill or have to have a procedure, just don't be afraid to come to Brookings Hospital. I mean it's fantastic. They'll take wonderful care of you. Their food is great and the people and staff are wonderful. They'll get the job done. 

Would You Recommend Brookings Health System?
We are so fortunate to have this establishment in our town and don't have to go elsewhere for surgery and for complete recovery, a place to stay and recover and physical therapy if you need it.