‘It Was Like 20/20 Vision’ After Cataract Surgery

Video Transcript

My name is Jean Knutson and I live on a farm near Volga, South Dakota. Some of my hobbies that I have, one is with my husband. I do woodworking craft projects with him, I make handmade cards, I visit the elderly which I really, really love doing and I crochet a lot.

Why did you decide to have cataract surgery?

Well, my vision was getting worse especially at night. It was like a sparkling look when the cars would meet you on the road and I just had a hard time seeing things. And then my sisters, two of them, actually had it done shortly before I did.

What brought you to Dr. Knudtson?

My doctor the regular optometrist Dr. Jans thought I should go over and see Dr. Knudtson in case I needed cataract surgery.

What was your impression of Dr. Knudtson?

Very warm. He liked to have questions asked and he explained things very well to me. He had an awesome staff. They too answered the questions I had. No question was stupid, which made me feel very comfortable.

Why did you choose surgery at Brookings Health System?

I lived in, Sioux Falls area for a long time. I had my doctors there for like 30 years. And when I moved to Volga, 20 years ago it took me a while but because of my doctor that I found here, Katie Jones, she really recommended trying to get doctors around here which, yeah, I should have done that a long time ago because the doctors that I have come across here in the clinics and in the hospitals are excellent. They're very willing to help and explain things to you when you have questions.

Why was local surgery important to you?

I feel it's much better for us if I would end up in the hospital or even going to the clinic. My husband could take off work there and drive into Brookings versus driving all the way to Sioux Falls taking a whole day off. I just...and relatives coming to see you too, if you were in the hospital they would be more apt to come to Brookings than they would Sioux Falls.

How did the hospital staff treat you?

I have issues getting IVs and usually, they hit like three or four times before they can get one in. And I remembered that they had a nurse here three or four years ago that she got it the first time. So I described the nurse, they found her. So it made me feel very comfortable and very appreciative to go that extra mile and to find that nurse. They carried on conversations with me to help relax me, which it did and, you know, the nurses there they would answer the questions I had and maybe it's because I'm getting older but I don't have a problem asking why. So, yeah, they were very helpful.

Did you notice an immediate change after surgery?

It was like a new world. I could see things even without my glasses. I could see things far away there was 20/20 vision. Yeah, I'm really glad I did it. Yes, I did. I noticed they did the right eye first and they had told me that you're gonna notice right away on your left eye it's a yellow film versus what's over here. That's how much clearer and brighter it was. And, yeah, should have done a long time ago.

How has surgery impacted your day-to-day life?

I was able to drive more at night which my husband really appreciated. And the vision, I could sit and watch tv without having my glasses on anymore.

What did you appreciate most about your care?

Their willingness to go above and beyond to help me like the IV situation, Dr. Knudtson had said, you know, "No question is a dumb question." And their knowledge to me is much better than what mine is, but they were able to explain it on a level that I understood and my husband understood. So that's what I really appreciated.

Would you recommend Brookings Health System to others in the community?

I would highly recommend the clinic system here and the hospital system because of the fact that the treatment that I got, I was relieved when I went home. I wasn't scared like I was initially coming in especially to a newer place. But sometimes not always being so big is not a bad thing because the quality of service that I got, the medical attention was very much appreciated.

What advice would you give someone living with cataracts?

I saw what it did for my two sisters. To think that, you know, I can actually drive at night and not have those big glare lights at me and I would feel safer, so I would definitely recommend it to anybody to have it done.

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