‘Life Without Pain is Very Nice’

Video Transcript

I'm Dave Graves. I'm from Volga. I'm a writer at the University Marketing & Communications at South Dakota State University.

What conditions brought you to Brookings Health System?

I ruptured my quadricep tendons in October of 2018. So that was the first surgery I had here. It was probably I'm gonna guess it was 70% recovered when lawn mowing season began, and I have a part-time lawn mowing business so the arthritis that I had in my hip previously, it really, there's extra wear on the hip. Things deteriorated so it wasn't long before I realized that I needed something done with my hip.

How did you injure your quadricep tendons?

This happened in Nicaragua. So I was there on a mission trip. We were in like in a remote village and I'm a runner, and so I like to go on runs in the morning. But I was gonna do some quick stair work. There's like, where we were staying that lodge had like four steps so I just did some quick stair work. And so my foot went up, and it slipped off the step and went underneath. So my leg was caught, and my body was falling backwards. There wasn't much choice but for those, all four of the tendons were ruptured.

What was the day of your tendon repair like?

I checked in I think at 2:30. And I suppose the surgeries were at 3:30 and it ended up being more of a procedure than what they expected and so he just kept me overnight.

How was your recovery from surgery?

It was three weeks that I was in a cast. And then from that, I went into a heavy brace. I still couldn't bend my knee so it took quite a while to build up the strength. And started physical therapy December 2016. And I had six full months of physical therapy.

When did you decide to have hip replacement surgery?

I wanted to wait until lawn mowing season was over because I knew I'd be out of commission for a while. So by the first of November, I was very glad to have surgery because the last couple of weeks had gotten pretty tough.

How did Dr. Mayer perform your Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery? 

About a month out I had a CAT scan and then the surgery itself, they took out the old, the deteriorated socket and replaced it with the titanium and ceramic parts.

What was the day of hip replacement like?

The pre-surgery was fairly routine. Everybody took an interest and asked if I had any questions and made sure I was comfortable, etc., but really pretty routine which was good.

How did the staff treat you?

I was treated excellent. People had a real concern and made sure I was comfortable. Checked on me when I buzzed the buzzer, you know, after surgery the nurse responded. That first day after surgery I got up, with their help, got up and walked around once and the next day, I think we did five loops around the corridor. And then the next day I went home. So they helped me shower the day before or the morning I went home and I just had very good care. I have to say from the secretary to the surgeon, I've just been impressed with everybody I've encountered at Brookings.

How is your leg and hip today?

I couldn't be happier with my recovery. You know, I still have some flexibility and strength to gain, but I've started to run a little bit on the treadmill, like a quarter mile, but I haven't had any pain. So I'm thinking we might be able to roll the clock back to before my original injury. So that's very happy.

What differences have you noticed following surgery?

It made me a lot more mobile, and I'm pain free. So it's a blessing. I'm noticing that if I'm up on my feet for a long period of time, I don't hurt. If I sit for a long period of time and try and stand I can walk right away instead of having to wait to get rid of the pain from sitting too long. If I sleep, I am often able to sleep and not wake up more than once, and that's just to go to the bathroom, not because I'm in pain and need to take some Tylenol, you know. So just life without pain is very nice again.

What did you appreciate most about Dr. Mayer?

I would have to say, the skill level of the doctor. You don't want a doctor that's nice and incompetent. And with Dr. Mayer, you've got a doctor that has high skill level, can utilize modern technology and still has great bedside manner. It's been good to get to know him. I just hope next fall I can meet him at the dinner table instead of the operating table.

I have been totally impressed with him. He's well trained and uses high technology. And at the same time like Dr. Holm says he delivers that homespun medicine. You know he's got the good bedside manner as well as all the skills that you would want to have.

Why did you choose Brookings Health System for your surgeries?

Well, why wouldn't I choose Brookings? My family and friends didn't have to travel to visit me. Convenience for them as well as myself. The medical care I think is superior because the doctors and staff have time to spend to treat you and care for you. Their skill level is top line and the facilities, top notch, so I see no reason not to use Brookings.

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