MRI Helps with Orthopedic Diagnosis

Video Transcript

I'm Laura Quail and I'm from North of Brookings in the White Area. We have an acreage and I work here at Brookings School District. I've worked at this district for 22 years and I've taught for 33 years.

What brought you to Dr. Harrell?

I originally visited Dr. Harrell in August, and I thought maybe I'd stepped on something. The bottom part of my foot really hurt and he thought initially it was plantar fasciitis, but after he had me do some exercises and after about three to four weeks, I went back to him and it was not plantar fasciitis. He thought this needs to be something else. We took X-rays. And in the X-rays saw that there was something more than maybe a torn tendon. So, he wanted an MRI. And that MRI showed that I had a torn tendon in my second toe and my great toe.

What was your impression of Dr. Harrell?

Well, he's very competent and kind. He wanted to make sure that I understood exactly what had happened and demonstrated on a model kind of where, what had happened, and explained to me, you know, how this sometimes we don't know how it happens, but that our feet are probably more fragile than what we give them credit for.

How were you treated by the MRI technician?

Well, she was very, very kind and informative, made me feel at ease right away. I didn't realize I had to have a shot for an MRI and I was a little caught off guard and she kind of chuckled and she said, "This is very common." And I said, "Okay." And she went on to explain why they gave it to you to show any inflammation and explained exactly what would happen and you know, how it might feel. And so, I was just very put at ease right away just by how she handled everything.

How did the MRI help diagnose your injury?

The MRI showed excessively how the tear was and how much it was and where exactly it was located. There was two little bones in the big toe and the tendon was torn between those two little bones, as well as the side of the second toe.

What did you appreciate most about your care?

The people seem very sincere and they actually cared about me, that I wasn't just somebody coming through the door and they wanted to make sure that I understood what was happening, understood what the diagnosis was, and what the recommended treatment was so that I could do my part as well. And I think that was what was explained and just how informative everything was.

How is your foot today?

I'm happy that I'm able to walk a little bit more and hopefully it'll just continue to get better. That's my hope.

Why would you recommend Brookings Health System to someone needing an MRI?

Well, very qualified and caring staff, and I feel that we have such fine facilities here. We're very fortunate and there's no need to go anywhere else.

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