Pregnancy and Delivery Away from Home

Video Transcript

So hi, I am Roshani. I'm originally from Nepal. Right now, we stay in Brookings for more than five, six years as a family. My husband was a PhD graduate student over here. So, I'm a nurse and right now I just work home with my two kids. Very soon I'm going to be a student again.

Why did you choose Brookings Health System?

My first child Ishani was in Sioux Falls, and when I had Ishani, that time I had lots of contraction going on and I get to know, I mean, talk to the nurses over there and they told me it might be a different thing. So you might have to come and go back, there's lots of things. 
So, we went there though and then it was already nine centimeters and doctor said, "If you were like half an hour late, it would be during, you know, in the car or anywhere." So it was so risky, so we thought why not to go in Brookings Health System? So it's near and it was so safe and it's within our neighborhood, just five minute drive. And lots of things we heard about, good thing about Brookings Health System, so we went there.

How was your relationship with Dr. Bennis?

Dr. Larrisa Bennis is my doctor and she's really great. She talks everything and she let us know the general thing what's supposed to be and then she specifically talk about the person, I mean, what's happening to me. So I had lots of things happen during pregnancy and she helped me resolve that without, you know, taking more medications. So, she was great. 
How was your delivery?

I remember it was around 4:00 and they started helping me a lot, I mean, all of them. They said, like, there were not much person that day. I was lucky to get all care that time and everybody was so nice, know, I can't describe much, like... And doctor came and they helped me break the water. The nurse, I remember, she was Lacy or... And she was just trying to give me different, you know, positions to make it less... 
How was your pain managed?

And she gave me [inaudible 00:02:23] and I was really scared, but it was so comfortable. I had no experience with that and then she, sometimes she comes and then comes let me do different things in bed. And so within these two to three hours that, they were very awkward, but it was so comfortable that I didn't have to use any pain medication, so it was really great. 
What did you appreciate about the staff?

The nurses helped me to take rest, they took baby nursery. Whenever the baby had to be fed then they'll bring to me and they help me in good latch and making feed baby, every time, and then just... You know, whenever I needed them, they were there for every small thing.

How was your postpartum recovery?

Recovery went quite well. If I had to compare even previous one I had little complication like hemorrhoids and [inaudible 00:03:15] I was really scared of those things and doctor suggested me to take the stress out and other of those things and how to exercise, everything. So it really went well, I didn't have any complications. 
Even, like, breastfeeding, I had to use, like, nipple patch something last time. This time I didn't have to do anything, so they really helped me a lot for breastfeeding and then... And baby is well, she's gaining well, I think I'm fine. I always remember that the nurses and the doctor, they listen to you very, very well. I mean for them, there are lots of persons and for me there are the one. Even they have particular timing of their duties, but they still take care of you over the time for you to make you feel better.  
What did you appreciate most about Brookings Health System?

And overall health system is really good. You get welcomed, even when I had to go to ER then I get welcomed from a nurse and she took me upstairs and they take care of me immediately with anything required, like anything could happen, but they were there to take care of it. She's great and I think every other doctors are great, even when it's during my pregnancy time, she was also pregnant, even that time she was so caring and in-between I had to see other doctors like Doctor Goodbiden[SP] and other doctors over there, everyone is wonderful. So,

Would you recommend Brookings Health System?

I really recommend they can go to Brookings Health System for a nice and comfortable delivery. There's a homely environment, I love everywhere.