Radiology Expansion Improves Privacy & Comfort

Video Transcript

Julia: Welcome to Brookings Hospital. I'm Julia Yoder, the marketing and PR director at Brookings Health System. We've made several changes in our recent expansion and renovation project, changes we want our community to know about in case you or your loved one ever needs our services. Today, I'm joined by our diagnostic imagining director, Tim. Tim, what type of imaging procedures do you perform in the radiology department?  
Tim: Our department consists of a comprehensive line of imaging equipment from CAT scan, MRI, nuclear medicine, DEXA scans, and ultrasound.  
Julia: And the radiology department has seen several changes through the expansion and renovation projects. Can you tell me about them?  
Tim: One of our biggest changes for our department was having our department close to the front entrance of the new facility so quicker access for outpatients to come into our department as well as our location is right next to the emergency room so our patients from the ER can come in through our private hallways.  
Julia: So, you also have a new MRI. Tell me about what features it has in addition to being in the same building as the other imaging equipment. 
Tim: One of the biggest features is a Wide Bore magnet which means it has a wider opening for patients of all sizes as well as being a shorter tube that reduces the claustrophobia that patients may experience in an MRI. Another key feature is newer technology. The scan speeds are quicker so patients aren't in the magnet as long.  
Julia: So for patients who doctor with someone who maybe isn't located here in Brookings, can they still have their procedure performed at Brookings Health System? 
Tim: Yes, patients' images can be electronically their provider wherever they may be located as well as the patients don't have to take a whole day off from work to travel to another facility if needed. 
Julia: If you'd like to learn more about imaging and radiology services at Brookings Health System, please visit us online at