Rehabilitative Services at The Neighborhoods at Brookview

Video Transcript

When you need a home away from home or help making the transition back to your home, you need a place that includes skilled care, comfort, and compassion. The Neighborhoods at Brookview provides transitional care, specializing in short-term and long-term stays, as well as outpatient rehabilitative services. Our 67,000 square foot facility which opened in 2013, includes the latest in healthcare for rehabilitation needs. Along with our warm and welcoming rooms, our amenities include: a chapel, café, library, gift shop, large group room for movie night and barber beauty shop. The Neighborhoods at Brookview offers freedom, fun, and a truly great place to recover, helping seniors relearn how to live independently after a surgery, short-term illness or injury.

It gives the opportunity to recuperate in a relaxing, home-like setting while surrounded by the full resources of Brookings Health Systems and its hospital staff who can assist with medical needs during recovery or rehabilitation. Our rehabilitation services include Maple Ridge Transitional Care Unit, serving as a temporary home for patients as they heal. Maple Ridge focuses on getting seniors ready for a return home or to move to an appropriate community facility. Until that time, our Transitional Care rooms, furnished like a hotel, provide all the amenities you would find in your own home. The Neighborhoods also offer the resources to bring together a holistic approach to treatment. With a five day a week therapy program, residents can work with specialists for physical, occupational and speech language therapy.

And to make the most of our unique model of care, therapists and staff work together to create programs specifically designed to meet each individual's rehabilitation and recovery goals. The therapy center, developed to meet the demands of daily life, encompasses exercise facilities, and an operating kitchen and bathroom for seniors relearning how to adapt to a home setting. There's also private treatment rooms for one-on-one care with therapists. The Neighborhoods also utilizes a philosophy of care known as the household model with a consistent care team, seniors staying at Maple Ridge live and interact in a home-like setting with living arrangements that promote a resident-centered culture because at the Neighborhoods at Brookview and Brookings Health System, the inspiration for our care comes in seeing patients on the road to recovery and the road back home.