Stress-Free Preventative Screening

Video Transcript

I'm Donna Struck and I'm from right here in Brookings, and I am retired right now. I had previously worked with the elderly as a CNA and also in activities.

Why Did You Have a Colonoscopy at Brookings Health System?

I had the procedure because of my age and then also, I had one five years ago and they found a couple small polyps, so they suggested to do it again in five years.

What Do You Remember From the Day of Your Procedure?

You were greeted by a friendly receptionist with a big smile and when they took you into the room I thought they did a very good job of explaining everything in detail that they were going to do. And, after they got you prepared for it, Dr. Oey came in and explained exactly her procedure and what would be done. And I'd say the day of the procedure was easy for the patient because all that you mainly did after they got you prepared, you know you got to sleep while they did the work.

How Was Your Recovery?

The recovery was fantastic, I had no after-effects whatsoever. 

What Did You Appreciate Most About Brookings Health System’s Staff?
The professionalism of the staff, because they came across as not only being very knowledgeable, but they really cared about you as a person. And they were very friendly and made sure you were comfortable and if you had any questions, to be sure and answer them.

Why Is It So Important to Have a Colonoscopy?

If you have a polyp, you know it prevents them from turning into cancer. So I think that's very important for your peace of mind knowing that, you know it can be taken care of, preventive medicine.

What Advice Would You Give Someone Hesitant About Their Colonoscopy?

I would say the procedure is nothing. You know I'd say the hardest day is the day before, you know, but that isn't even that bad because it's just drinking more liquids and so I would say none of it is a problem.

What Do You Think of the Hospital Expansion & Renovation?

I think it's fantastic, there's more space and attractive surroundings. I'm very impressed that we have something this nice in our community.

Would You Recommend Brookings Health System?

I would strongly recommend it because you have the convenience of it being in town as well as very knowledgeable staff and a very caring staff. You have almost like a small-town effect, that they really care.