Testimonial - Attentive, Convenient Prenatal Care

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Lisa Pederson. I'm from Hendricks, Minnesota. I work here in town at First Bank & Trust, and I am one of our retail branch managers there. I have two children, Easton and Brielle, and they are four-and-a-half months old.

Where Did You Have Your Prenatal Care?

We had our prenatal care at the Avera Brookings Medical Clinic, and my doctor was Dr. Hopper.

How Was Your Experience Having Weekly Ultrasounds?

So I came to Brookings Health System towards the end of my pregnancy on a weekly basis just to monitor the growth of Easton and Brielle closely. And the experience I had was really great. It was very attentive care. It seemed like from week to week we could pick up on conversations from the previous visit. Liza was really great about making sure that I understood what we were looking at when she was showing me the ultrasounds and not making any promises on growth-type things, because of course a doctor would always review the ultrasound, but she was really good at making me feel comfortable that everything was going great and that Easton and Brielle were both growing really well.

What Did You Appreciate Most About Your Prenatal Ultrasounds?

I think just the attention that you received, it was very personable. You didn't feel like a number, that you were just the next patient going through a revolving door. When you were receiving your care, it was very attentive. They weren't in a hurry to push you out the door.

Was Getting Your Prenatal Care At Brookings Health System Convenient?

Yeah, it was actually really great because I literally worked across the street so I could walk to my appointments. Being able to doctor locally was really important to us as well. Actually, when people would find out we were having twins, a common response was, "Oh, you must be doctoring in Sioux Falls." It was really cool to be able to say, "Nope, I can doctor right here in town" with Dr. Hopper being able to specialize in treating somebody with twins. And just being able to doctor here locally was really great. We could receive the care we needed and the attention we needed.

What Was Your Delivery At Brookings Health System Like?

So, I delivered at 37 weeks. I was induced, and I had a natural delivery. Easton and Brielle, we were monitoring their growth, and Easton was always a little bit smaller than Brielle, so they decided that he might grow just a little bit better outside and that at 37 weeks twins are considered full term. So it was a very pleasant experience. My induction was great, and the delivery was very calm, and everything was natural, just how we wanted it to go and as planned.

Would You Recommend Brookings Health System?

We would recommend Brookings Health System to anyone. Number one, it's local. It's convenient being in the area, not having to travel to outer-lying cities. It was just great to be able to come right here in town. That was something that was really important to us.