Testimonial - Compassionate and Comforting Emergency Delivery

Video Transcript

My name is Kelly Bagalka, I was born and raised here in Brookings. I work as a CNA and in my free time, I like to spend time with my children.

Why did you choose Brookings Health System for your delivery?

I had Jamison up in Brookings Hospital, New Beginnings. I chose to have him there because I was born there, I've had all my other children there, and I like the homeyness feeling, the...you know, you go in there and every face I see is familiar, that's a very comforting feeling to me.  
Who was your doctor?

I had Dr. Richard Gudvangen, and he was spectacular. He handled everything with the utmost care and knowledge. I just…he's very experienced; he's got 30 years under his belt. I couldn't feel more comfortable with anybody knowing that he would get him here safely.  
What happened the day of your delivery?

The day of the delivery, I went over to the clinic just for a routine checkup; it was my 38-week appointment. When I got there, you know, they weigh you right away, and I had gained about 13 pounds of fluid, and my blood pressure was running high. So, they were thinking, probably, preeclampsia. So, Dr. Gudvangen wanted to just send me over to be monitored for awhile and have some labs done to see if I was, in fact, getting preeclampsia.  
It was determined that I was, so they moved me over into a delivery room and induced labor, and things spiraled out of control very quickly after that. My nurse, Amy Koisti, also amazing, was there. And she checked me and I was dilated to a six, but then, she felt something alarming. Felt his umbilical cord, so she called for another nurse to go get Dr. Gudvangen, and from there, everything is kinda blurry. But I know real fast, we went to the OR.  
How did staff handle your emergency situation?

I don't think it could have been handled better. You know, Dr. Gudvangen, thankfully, was in the building at the time, so the other nurse went and got him. And he came in and asked my nurse, Amy, a few questions. And she, you know, answered him quickly, and he made his decision quickly. Had the OR prepped and, I mean, I bet it was within five minutes, and he was born. So, it was a scary experience, it was a whirlwind, but things turned out beautifully.  
How did the staff support you during delivery?

Amy was called in that day, she was on-call, and from the moment that she walked into my room, she never left. She was very caring, very knowledgeable, she knew what she was doing. And, you know, Dr. Gudvangen, like I said, he was in the building and he was very supportive. They were all very understanding, you know, that I was scared, that I had never been through this.  
Amy actually rode on the gurney with me down to the OR. So, she was very good about having her mouth at my ear, and letting me know what was going on. And what was gonna happen next, and that everything was gonna be okay. The whole team was amazing, they were all calm, they kept me calm, they kept my husband calm. We couldn't have done it without them.  
I can't help but think sometimes, you know, what if? What if I would have had a different nurse, what if I would have had a different doctor? What if they didn't find that prolapsed cord? Things could have turned very tragically, and I can never...you know, I told Dr. Gudvangen at my two-week appointment when I went back to see him, "There's nothing I can ever do, thank you will never be enough, and I could never repay you. But, had you not been there, things could have ended very badly for both of us." 
Would you recommend the Brookings Health System?

Definitely, I would recommend Brookings, like I said, it's a smaller facility. People may think that maybe it's not as good because it's smaller, but I think the smaller facility is much better because you're gonna know them, they're gonna know you. If you've had multiple children here, they're going to remember you, and you build a relationship with your care team, and that's important. No matter if you're having a baby or you're having a heart attack, or anything. Just the comfort of walking in and seeing people you know, and knowing that they know what they're doing, is priceless.