Testimonial - Compassionate Local Care

Video Transcript

My name is Jerry Ellingson and I live with my wife over at Lake Preston, and lived there all my life. And for a living, I'm involved in a crop insurance company where I'm a supervisor now, over all their adjusters and claims and everything else that comes up with it.

Why Did You Need Emergency Care?

The day of the accident, I had the four-wheeler and I wasn't messing around but I wasn't paying attention either, and I was over along the lake bank, just looking around as I do when I have some free time. This was about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, by the way, and I ended up going up too steep of a slope and the four-wheeler came up, right over backwards, right on top of me.

What Emergency Care Did Brookings Health System Provide?

Ended up with three broken ribs and my lung was leaking and collapsing, and they needed to put in a chest tube, through the side here to relieve the pressure and drain the fluid off, between my lung lining and my chest lining, the way the doctor described it to me.

What Support Did the Staff Provide?

The care was excellent. I can't get over just how caring and just how excellent they were. All the way round there was not, they kept checking on me and through the night and with that chest tube in, there was a suction on that to keep sucking the fluid out, and they checked on that all night long and the care was excellent. There isn't one solid thing that I could say that even comes to mind that wasn't any words, but perfect.

How Was Pain Managed?

Pain management was very good. They had pain pills for me because it did hurt to start with that chest tube in, and they had to reposition it once because it wasn't in just in the right place for the right drainage, but the pain management they gave me and the sleeping pills they gave me, very good.

How Was Your Recovery in the Hospital?

The recovery phase was, I had to stay in until the drainage was down to a certain level and that took two and a half days. I went home on the third day and recovery was good. I was able to go home and sleep in my bed and they sent some pain pills, pain medication home with me and also some sleeping pills, so recovery was very good.

How Was the Level of Hospital Care?

The level of care was excellent and yes, it did surprise me. I have to admit that it did surprise me, because we are so engrained with, you've got to go to the biggest and the biggest is perceived to be the best and in so many situations, as my situation was, it didn't have to be the biggest to be the best, but it was the best.

Would You Recommend Brookings Health System?

I just was so doggone pleased with the whole thing that it just, honestly, it's hard to get over being excited about it.