Testimonial - Convenient, Local Imaging Care

Video Transcript

I'm Alecia Burgard. I'm originally from Wyoming, and came to Brookings for college, and never left. I work for First Bank and Trust here in Brookings, and I do compliance.

What Care Have You Received At Brookings Health System?
I have yearly ultrasounds done on my thyroid. I have nodules on them, and they have to check every year to make sure that they're not growing and monitor for that. 

Who Is Your Physician?
Dr. Charles Longo is my physician that I see for my thyroid. He's an endocrinologist in Sioux Falls. I have been very satisfied with his care as well.

What Was Your Patient-Doctor Experience Like At Brookings Health System?
Dr. Longo requires that I have ultrasounds done on my thyroid yearly. He has always offered that if I want to do it in Brookings I can, which is great. Then I don't have to drive down to Sioux Falls for yet another trip. He's always gotten the information easily, exactly what he needs from Brookings Health System, never had any issues, and it seems to be a seamless process.

What Did You Appreciate About Brookings Health System Staff?
I have always appreciated that the ultrasound staff here at Brookings Hospital is always nice. They put me at ease. The room that you go in is very comfortable. They always dim the lights, so you're not staring up at bright fluorescent lights. I have just always had a very positive experience. 

What Do You Appreciate Most About Brookings Health System?
What I appreciate the most about Brookings Health System is the fact that it's right here in the community. Every time I've been here, they've been great staff, really easy to work with, and so I think that will continue.

Would You Recomment Brookings Health System?
I would recommend Brookings Health System. So far I have just had a great experience. Check-in has been fast and easy. The ultrasounds that I've had have been just phenomenal.