Testimonial - Convenient Outpatient Care

Video Transcript

My name is Teresa Binkley. I grew up in Minnesota, but I've lived in Brookings for the past 30 years. I work at South Dakota State University in a research endowment. And, most of the work I do is in bone development in children.

What Outpatient Services Does Brookings Health System Provide?

I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2009. And, in 2011, I had to have a stem cell transplant as my treatment for that. All of that was done in Sioux Falls at Avera McKennan. But, I was able to use the Brookings Health Systems outpatient services during my healing and some of my therapies that are still on going. This summer will be three years in remission from the cancer. And, very thankful to be able to have treatments done here, instead of always having to travel to Sioux Falls.

How Does a Local Hospital Help Your Treatment?

During the healing process, it's quite exhausting and to travel anywhere just makes that even more of a burden. So, to be able to drive 10 minutes, instead of an hour, was very, very helpful and I think really enhanced the healing process.

What Do You Appreciate Most About the Staff?

The main staff I'm working with now at Brookings Health Systems are through the laboratory. Once a month, I need to come in for a therapeutic phlebotomy. And, Cathy is my go to med tech that is the best at helping me get that done. I appreciate that they allow her schedule to fit in for me when I can come in and have that procedure completed.

How Does Brookings Health System Work With Other Hospitals?

One of the biggest benefits for me with Brookings Health System is that they are their own independent group. And, if I need them to contact my doctors at Avera McKennan in Sioux Falls, they're very willing to do that. I'm sure other people find that no matter who you doctor with, they're willing to commit and make sure that what they do is according to what your doctor's orders are.

Would You Recommend Brookings Health System?

I would definitely recommend people to come to Brookings Health Systems for outpatient services that they offer because the healing process takes a lot of energy. And, if you can do that closer to home with less burden on the road and travel, I think it's very beneficial.